Stewardship #1

Matthew 25:21

In recent weeks and months we have heard a lot about ‘family values’, ‘morality’, and ‘integrity’. Tonight I want us to consider what they are and how they should impact our lives as believers.

I want us to consider some definitions at the outset of the message tonight. We need to understand what it is we are talking about.

Now all of these terms can be applied differently depending upon what we use as a standard. The standard changes the values, the morals, and a person’s integrity. Note the term ‘honor among thieves’. The standard by which we must define and apply these terms must be the Word of God. It cannot be society because society changes. It cannot be knowledge, because that too changes. It must be the only thing in our world that doesn’t change, the Word of and unchanging God.

I. Two Worlds

II. Building Values.

III. Developing Stewardship (Mt. 25:14-30)

The unprofitable servant in Jesus' story did not get away with being lazy and unproductive. He had to look his master in the face and explain his actions. Instead of owning up to his poor stewardship, he chose to make excuses (Matt. 25:24-25). How easy it is for us to justify what we want to do and rationalize away what we do not want to do! Success, joy and lasting fulfillment can be ours if we acknowledge God's ownership of ourselves and His resources and dedicate ourselves to being faithful stewards.