What About Our Conscience?

Matthew 6:22-23

Something within the heart of every person approves when we do right and accuses when we do wrong, and that something is "conscience". This evening I want us to consider two topics concerning the conscience.

What is it, and how is "conscience" pictured in the Word of God? If we understand what it is and how it functions, it can change our lives.

We cannot escape our conscience. We can argue with it, we can defile it, we can harden it, but we can never get rid of it. We may force it to malfunction, but it will always be there.

I. What does it mean?

II. Two Descriptions of Conscience.

Conclusion: Our conscience is a marvelous servant. It was designed to work with us. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at some various aspects of conscience that will help us to strengthen ours and keep us from "wearing away the points".