Three Fillings

Matthew 5:6

Tonight I want us to consider the three fillings of the Christian. I am sure that there are others that we could find in the Scriptures, but tonight I want to focus on these three.

Many of us got up from the table this afternoon and said something like this, "I am stuffed, I couldn't eat another bite!" But right now you are thinking about getting something to eat after we dismiss. It is because being filled is temporary. We reach the point of filling, but soon we look to refill. Some of us too often and too much!

The concept of being filled is also applied to our spiritual lives. When we discuss these three areas of filling tonight, remember that it isn't a once for all event, but that we must keep on being filled over and over again.

I. Be Filled With the Spirit. cf Ep. 5:18

II. Be Filled With the Word. cf Col. 3:16

III. Be Filled With the Love of God. cf. Ep. 3:17-19

What about it tonight folks? Are we filled or are we fooled? Have we emptied ourselves of sin and self. Have we yielded ourselves to the Spirit of God having longed for Him? Are we busy reading, studying, memorizing, and meditating upon the Word of God. Does our lives reflect the Love of God to others?