Sweet Hour of Prayer #2: Waiting

Matthew 6:9-13

Tonight we come to the second section of our diagram on prayer. Last week we saw that we should spend the first few minutes of our prayer hour in "praise". Next we should spend some time 'waiting' on God. "Be still and know that I am God:" cf Ps. 46:10a

I. What does it mean to "Wait on God"?

II. What should be the focus of our waiting?

III. What is the value of waiting?

Andrew Murray said, "Here is the secret of a life of prayer. Take time in the inner chamber to bow down and worship; and wait on Him until He unveils Himself, and takes possession of you, and goes out with you to show how a man can live and walk in abiding fellowship with an unseen Lord." The challenge is clear, we must wait on God in our sweet hour of prayer.