The Invitation

Matthew 11:28-30

This morning at the close of this message we will have what we call "The Invitation". We will sing a song and make an appeal for you to come to the altar. Many churches will have a sermon today but will close with prayer and dismiss. We believe that it is important to give each of you an opportunity to respond to the message of God today. Some will accept this invitation to come and some will not. There are days when no one comes in response to the invitation. However, that will not stop us from inviting you to come. This morning we want to look at a passage of Scripture where Jesus Christ invites us to come. There is something special about being invited to come. Whether it is an invitation to come to a wedding, a graduation, a birthday party, a nice dinner, or some other type of celebration the invitation makes it special. It means that someone desires your presence. It makes me feel good to know that I am wanted by someone! I am thankful that Jesus Christ invites me and you to come. That tells me that He cares about us! I have a cartoon calendar on my desk that I received as a Christmas gift this year. Each day there is a new cartoon, and last week there was one where a man on the street was shoving a gospel tract in the face of a woman on the street. The caption read, "Here's the Good News! Now you can't say you never been warned."

I have known some people who have had that attitude toward reaching the lost and inviting them to come to Christ. Almost as if they resented anyone who wasn't a Christian. I am thankful that when I was confronted with the gospel it was in the spirit of love and compassion. That is the spirit that we see in our text this morning as Jesus Christ invites us to come unto Him.

Read: Matthew 11:28-30

I. The Invitation: Come Unto Me...

II. The Invited: All ye...

III. The Promise: ...I will give you rest.

Conclusion: How will you respond to Christ's invitation this morning? He calls on each of us to come unto Him and we will find rest for our souls. Are you burdened with sin today? Jesus can give you rest. Are you heavy laden with the affairs of this life? Come to Him today. Whatever your need, whatever burden you may be carrying, Jesus beckons you to come. Will you reject His invitation or will you come? The choice is yours today.