The Tragedy of Wrong Choices

Matthew 19:22

Our lives seem to be very complicated, but if we can take them down to a basic level for consideration we would find that they are made up of choices. Man is a free moral agent, he is free to choose either bad or good. The difference between a wealthy man and a man in the depths of poverty can often be traced to choices made.

Since none of us have the ability to read the future, many of our choices are made on the ‘best information at hand’. Investment opportunities, career choices, family decisions, and many other important choices are made without any assurances of the outcome. Note the example of an engineer and his wife who made some choices about family and job. He chose to move his wife and their fourteen children to Indiana, only to be jobless in seven weeks, and now homeless! There are no guarantees on most of our choices. We use the best information available and make our decisions.

Someone said, ‘There are no sure things that we can count on’. But that really isn’t true. We can count on God and His Word never to fail! Someone else said, ‘God said it, I believe it, and that settles it!’ But in reality, when God says it, it is settled; whether we believe it or not!

This morning I want to look at four individuals in the Scripture who made tragic choices. We can learn from others’ mistakes. It isn’t necessary for me to experience all the heartache and misery in this world myself, I can learn from seeing how bad choices effected others, and perhaps, if I learn well enough, I can avoid those same tragic mistakes in my life.

I. The Rich Young Ruler’s Choice. Mt. 19:16-26

II. Choice Offered at the Trial of Christ. ((Mt.27:16-22).

III. Felix Makes a Bad Choice: Twice! (Acts 24:22-27).

IV. Agrippa was Almost Persuaded to make the Right Choice. (Acts 26:22-30)

Each of these individuals made tragic choices which led to tragic consequences for them all.

What will be your decision today? To those who have never been born again, will you accept Christ today? Or will you choose this temporal world rather than choosing eternity in Heaven. Will you accept Christ today, or will you choose to continue in sin? Will you accept Christ today or will you deceive yourself into thinking that there will be a better time? Will you accept Christ today or will you say "Almost"!

We make life changing choices every day of our lives. This morning you will make a choice that will determine where you will spend eternity. Trust Jesus Christ today!

To the Christian, what will your choice be? Will you choose to follow Him in discipleship, or choose to go your own way? Choices we make them by saying yes, be saying no, and by doing nothing! What will you do today?