Great Faith

Matthew 15:28

Have you ever watched the commercials on TV for the fitness equipment? Especially the ones for the weight-lifting machines. They always show a fellow who has bulging muscles and 0% body fat! I know that they do that in order to convince the public that buying their machine will produce that kind of result for the purchaser. The only problem is that it takes more than purchasing the have to use it! And use it a lot!

The text this morning is concerning a woman that Jesus commended for having "great faith"! But, the problem with having "great faith" is that it is often tested and hammered out on the anvil of difficulty. Note: 1Pe. 1:7, "That the trial of your faith...though it be tried with fire..." "The Lord testeth the righteous" (Ps. 11:5). This woman's faith survived five exacting tests of faith. Our faith must be tried and tested to become 'Great Faith'.

I. Great Faith Endures the Test of Trouble. "My daughter is grievously vexed..."

II. Great Faith Endures the Test of Unanswered Prayer. "But he answered her not a word"

III. Great Faith Endures the Test of Indifference. "...Send her away; for she crieth after us"

IV. Great Faith Endures the Test of Humility.

This woman had "great faith" because she endured the tests sent to her from Heaven. She did not collapse, quit, give up, or faint because of the hardships. She pressed on until the Lord granted her request. Are you passing through a humbling trial? Maybe you have lost a job, failed in business, or are going through a trial. Like this woman, adorn yourself with humility. If Heaven is silent, or if your prayers appear to be unanswered, maybe you are being tested. There is always a possibility of a "yes" where He has not pronounced a "no."

Maybe you are in a period of refinement. Don't give up! Let patience have its perfect work. When God is finished with you, may it be said of you that you have "great faith."

Whatever your need this morning, I encourage you to come to Jesus. Do you need salvation? Come to Him. Do you need to pray for your family members? Come to Him. Do you need direction? Come to Him.