A Godly Father

Mark 1:19-20

This morning we want to focus our attention on the "Fathers". About a month ago we honored all of the mothers present and now it is Dad's turn! I want to encourage each of you to be here tonight for our evening service, Bro. Lanny Fisher will be speaking, and then our family afterglow will center around the theme of "Fathers". Read: Mark 1:19-20

I want to draw your attention to a biblical father that is easily overlooked because of the notoriety of his children. Zebedee, the father of the Apostles James and John, is an example to us all. There are a number of reasons that he is a godly father that we should seek to emulate.

I. He Raised Two Remarkable Sons.

II. He Taught His Sons to Work.

III. He Released His Sons.

Conclusion: Zebedee is truly a great example of a godly father. He raised two remarkable sons, he taught them to work, and was prepared to release them to serve Christ. Realize that James was killed in his service, and John was tortured for his faith. With the way things are developing in this world today, that could be the normal result of serving God in the years to come. However, we ought not allow that to deter us from doing what is right!

Fathers, this message has been directed to you. We all need good examples to follow. Zebedee is just such an example. Perhaps you are here this morning with a great need in your life, God can and will meet that need according to His will. Maybe there are those here who do not know the joy of salvation in Christ, you need to come and we will take the Bible and lead you to Christ right now. If you need to come for whatever reason, come now and meet with God at this altar!