The Problem with Pharisees

Mark 7:6

Read: v1-6

The Jewish religious leaders were now openly hostile toward the Lord and His ministry. It was not unusual for them to follow Him from place to place simply to watch for something to criticize. In this case, they accused the disciples of failing to practice the Jewish ceremonial washing. These washings had nothing to do with personal hygiene, nor were they commanded in the Law. They were a part of the tradition that the scribes and Pharisees had given to the people to add to their burdens.

Here we see Jesus' revolutionary teaching about our true source of authority (God's word), and the true source of defilement (our own hearts).

I. The Pharisees had a wrong view of authority.

II. The Pharisees were Hypocrites. v6

III. The Pharisees Focused on Externals.