Clear Vision for 2002

Mark 8:22-25

How many have 20/20 vision? I don't, even with my vision corrected. There was a time when most of us who wear them, didn't need glasses. But as our vision became impaired, it was necessary to find a way to correct it. In our passage this morning we have the account of Jesus correcting a man's vision. This man went from no vision to blurred vision, and then to clear vision. There are so many things going on in the world, and in our lives, that sometimes we lose sight of our true mission in life. What is your vision for 2002? What about your spiritual vision for the coming year? As we begin the New Year, most of us need some correction in our spiritual vision.

I. Clear Vision.

II. Blurred Vision

III. No Vision

When Jesus healed the blind man, He took him from no vision, to blurred vision, to clear vision. Now, that is what He begins to do with the disciples. The fields are just as white today as they were then.

Will you lift up your eyes and get a fresh and clear vision of our mission in this world. Let's make 2002 our greatest year ever in seeking lost sheep. Perhaps there are those here who are without Christ. Will you come? Christian do we need to have our vision corrected? Come now.