Is God Interested?

Mark 4:35-41

Last week we began with a foundational message on 'Dealing With Our Feelings'. This evening we want to consider what to do when we feel like God is not interested.

I heard about a man who was near the end of his life. While lying in a hospital bed dying of cancer, he spoke with his wife of some 60 years.

That is how some folks feel about the Lord! They got saved, they were excited, and everyone in the church was excited for them. It seemed as though everything was perfect, heaven on earth…and then Satan comes along and attacks. All of a sudden their new life in Christ turns into a spiritual battleground and they begin to wonder. Where is God? Isn't He interested in me anymore? Has He forgotten about me? Doesn't He care what is going on in my life? Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us have been there, and perhaps some of us are there right now! Feeling like God isn't interested in us anymore. That is exactly where the disciples were in our text tonight. [3] Read Text: v35-41

Now we understand what caused them to question whether the Lord was interested in them or not. It was because of the storm. They panicked and went to Jesus for help, but found Him asleep…seemingly uninterested in what is going on. This prompts their question in v38.

(Mark 4:38) "… Master, carest thou not that we perish?"

I want us to consider that it is the storm that causes us to question whether God is really interested in what is happening in our lives. Note your outline tonight.

I. The Causes of These Feelings.

II. Contemplating These Feelings.

III. Curing These Feelings.

Is God interested in you? Yes, He is. Let me close with this poem.

Jesus and Jim

If you want to get victory over the feeling that God isn't interested in you, just believe. Have faith in God and in His Word!