The Day the Roof Caved In

Mark 2:1-12

Last week we talked about a passage where the Master gave an invitation to all to come to a great supper. They responded to the invitation with a variety of excuses. One excuse is just as bad an another, but one that I have heard on several occasions is this, "If I ever stepped foot in the church, the roof would cave in!" Have you ever heard that one?

Listen to the one author's collection of the top ten reasons people give for why they stay away from church:

I've certainly heard some of the same things from people, and frankly some of the reasons are legitimate. But the real question isn't why don't people come to church, but rather, why don't people come to Christ? This morning I would like to address that thought. Read text: Mark 2:1-12

I. Not Everyone Has Friends That Will Help Them Come To Christ. (v1-5)

II. Sometimes People Are So Concerned About Getting Help With Their Problems That They Don't Get Help For Their Problem.