The Value of the Gift

Mark 14:1-9

All of us are familiar with the signs at most gas stations these days. Self-service or full-service; the choice is ours. We must make the same choice with regard to our service to God. Will we serve God to the fullest or will we be self-serving? Our service toward God is a subject of great importance. Too many Christians are following the world's philosophy and are serving self rather than the Lord. Notice that the Lord did not take Mary's actions lightly. What she did was to become known throughout the world. Since it was so important to our Savior, I believe it is worthy of our examination this evening.

I. Consider the Gift.

II. Consider the Criticism.

III. Consider the Commendation. 14:6-8

As we approach the time of our Missions Conference, I want all of us to consider the gift. Have we done what we could for Him? or have we only done what we would? Are we full-service Christians or do we serve our own selfish wants and desires? The choice is ours, but the time is short. What we do for Christ we must do quickly.