Come, See For Yourself!

Mark 16:1-11

In 1983, in Constance Lake Ontario, Josephine Taylor said saw Jesus. His image was formed by the dark spots in the cement of her bathroom floor. About 3,000 Canadians came to see the spectacle.

In 1987, thousands of people flocked to Arlene Garner’s trailer in Estill Springs, Tennessee. They came to see an image of Jesus on Arlene’s General Electric freezer on the front deck of her home. Each day after dusk, a neighbor’s porch light caused a bearded face to appear in the freezer’s side. Arlene claimed God told her in a dream that He connected the porch light to the freezer and was using it as a TV. The family refused to charge viewers for taking a look.

In New Mexico in 1977 a woman claimed the image of Jesus appeared on a tortilla that had been burned in a skillet.

In 1981, the image of Christ being crucified attracted throngs of people in Santa Fe Springs, California. It was eventually determined the image was caused by two street lights shining on a bush and a real estate sign.

“Christ is risen! We have seen the empty tomb!” cried the women as they returned to the city of Jerusalem that early morning. The city was filled with rumors! People said they had seen Jesus! They said He was not dead, but alive! They claimed He was no longer entombed, but risen! “Christ is risen!”

Perhaps for those of us who are 2,000 years removed from the Easter event, the story seems like just one more headline in the National Enquirer. Or one more report about someone seeing the image of Jesus reflected in some unusual manner. It would be easy it to lump the Easter story in with all these other tales of “Christ sightings” that have occurred over the centuries. And perhaps some DO take it that way.

Is it the claim of a bunch of religious fanatics ... or the testimony of actual eyewitnesses? Is it the product of someone’s spiritual imagination ...or is it true history? Is it legend? Myth? Fiction? Or is it concrete fact?

This morning, there is no more important a question to wrestle with than the question posed by the empty tomb. For if, in fact, Christ has been raised from the dead, then there is something about life that can ONLY be found in yielding your life to Him. · Consider the importance of the resurrection of Christ today, and come see for yourself!

I. The Importance of the Resurrection. 1 Co. 15:14-20

II. The Certainty of the Resurrection.

III. The Necessity of the Resurrection.

This morning would you think with me for just a moment? You know what your life is. You also know that death is inevitable for each of us. But what about your eternity? Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are saved and will spend eternity in Heaven? If not, won't you take the opportunity this morning to come and receive Christ as your Saviour, and gain that assurance of eternity with Him?

Come see for yourself! He is not dead, He is risen. He is alive today. Do you know Him as your Savior?