A Challenging Invitation

Mark 8:34-37

This time of year we receive many invitations. There are those who graduating from high school or college. Soon there will be those who are preparing for a life together and we are invited to celebrate with them as they exchange vows. Of course there are multitudes of invitations to baby showers, Tupperware parties, and Amway or Kirby demonstrations. An invitation is personal. It is someone requesting your presence for a particular event.

In the Bible we find a number of different invitations.

This morning, I want us to consider another invitation from God. It is a challenging invitation. It is an invitation to be a disciple or follower of Christ. Now just what will that mean? It will mean our lives will never be the same. Consider the twelve…they could not go back to their former lives. No more fishing…tax collecting…etc.

Becoming a disciple is a life changing event. It is more than 'believing in Christ'. Being His disciple means 'living for Christ'. [3]

I. The Challenge to Forget Self: 'Let him deny himself'

II. A Challenge to Full Surrender: 'Let him ... take up his cross'.

III. A Challenge to Follow Our Savior: 'Let him ... follow me'

Accepting This Challenging Invitation Makes Life Worthwhile

In Holding Back, We Lose the Best in Life

Have you received Christ as Savior? Are you now following Him as His disciple? Jesus said, "Whosever will come…" the invitation is open to all who will hear, receive, and believe. Why not come today?