Peter's Denial

Mark 14:26-72

Of the twelve men chosen to be the apostles, the two we know the most about are Judas and Peter. The reason we know more about these two is that they tell us about themselves. Jesus said, "...out of the abundance of he heart the mouth speaketh." When an individual speaks about a particular subject he reveals the way he believes. It doesn't take very long to find out what a person thinks if you will just listen to what he says. This morning we want to focus on Peter. He spoke more, asked more questions, and uttered more exclamations than all the others. He also was instructed, exhorted, reprimanded, warned, and blessed by Christ more than any of the others. Not only what Peter said, but what he did, and the way in which he did it, makes him a man who reveals himself and is easily identified. He is a man of impulse and of quick action following those impulses. Sometimes he appears to be a man who contradicts himself. His words and actions at one moment may be totally inconsistent with other moments.

Read: Mark 14:27-28.

I. The Prediction.

II. The Fulfillment.