Second Place or First Place?

Mark 10:28-31

Do you remember the Avis ads of a few years ago? "When you are number two, you try harder." That didn't really go over very good. We want the best, we want number one, not number two. Most of the time that is the case. If we are having surgery, we want the best surgeon. We don't want a trainee. But, we will get on an airline and be thrilled that we got the cheapest flight available!

When it comes to sports teams, we want nothing other than first place. Our society is so First Place oriented that there is no consolation in just participating. To many, "Winning isn't everything - it is the only thing". Now there is nothing wrong with having a competitive spirit, as long as it doesn't cause us to violate Christian principles. But, being first isn't always best. As a matter of fact, tonight I want us to see that in some areas, the Bible teaches us that second is better than first!

Read: Mark 10:28-31

I. The Second Birth Is Better Than The First Birth

II. The Second Adam Is Better Than The First Adam

III. The Second Body Is Better Than The First Body

IV. The Second Coming Of Christ Is Better Than His First Coming

What is most important, to be first or to be second? In so many areas of our lives, we are programmed to strive for the world's view of success. In this coming year what will be our goals? Will they be to honor God, regardless of what some might think?

Do you know Christ as Savior? Have you experienced the 2nd birth? Come today and receive salvation. Come whatever the need might be. God will meet us at the cross.