Overcoming Your Circumstance

Mark 10:46-52

Circumstances can control our lives if we allow them to. Ever tell some one that you are doing alright "under the circumstances"? Get out from under the circumstances! Do not allow them to control you. I have known some dreamers. Oh if this or if that were different, I would.... But nothing is changed, and as a result, nothing is accomplished.

What about us today? Every person here this morning is different. We all have particular circumstances in our lives. All of us have a choice to make as well. We can choose to remain "under the circumstances" and allow our lives to go on being controlled by our circumstance. Or we can choose to overcome them by relying upon God who is greater than all our circumstances.

We have an example in the Scriptures of a man who did not allow his circumstances to control his life. Our text speaks about a very real person who had a very real problem. His name was Barimaeus, and he was blind. He was in every way affected by his circumstances, but he was not content to sit by the roadside for the rest of his life begging. Notice today at what he did to overcome the circumstances of his life. Let us look at his example and learn.

I. He Took Responsibility for His Life. (v.47) - Taking responsibility means:

II. He Believed Jesus Could Make a Difference. v.51b

III. He Wasn't Concerned About What Others Thought. v48

IV. He Didn't Put It Off. v50

What is your need today?