Binding the Hands of Jesus

Mark 15:1

In our text we read of how the enemies of Jesus bound Him in preparation for sending Him to Pilate:

As we read this, it is easy for our hearts to be filled with sadness, and even with a touch of "righteous indignation" for that crowd that bound Jesus in such a way. And yet, there are few today who are not guilty of binding the hands of Jesus in a "figurative" way! We are guilty of binding the hands of Jesus when we:

I. Refuse to Accept the Salvation He Offers.

II. By Refusing to be Transformed.

III. By Refusing to Pray.

IV. By Refusing to Serve Him in the Local Church.

V. By Refusing to Share the Gospel with the Lost.

Yes, one does not have to literally "bind the hands of Jesus" to be guilty of the same sort of offense that we read about in Mk 15:1. As we have seen, there are many other ways as well!

Why not today, resolve to "loose the hands of Jesus" so that IN us and THROUGH us He may accomplish His full desire? Which is...