The Great Commision, the Personnel

Mark 16:15

Introduction: The Holy Spirit chose Mark, the writer of the gospel of Mark to present Jesus as a servant. A servant is not interested in genealogies, legalities, proper order in an age long commission. He is interested in WHAT HE, PERSONALLY, IS SUPPCSED TO DO. Whom am I supposed to serve? What is my job? So Mark's interpretation of the Great Commission is "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature". A simple commission to be personally obeyed by each servant of God.

I. Being a personal witness is the ordained way. cf John 15:16

II. Being a personal witness is the assured way

III. Being a personal witness is the historical way

Conclusion: The Bible teaches method as strongly as it teaches doctrine. Keep in mind Mark looked at the 'Great Commission' as a servant. The servant's job is to do exactly as he is told. Consider this evening, where you would be if an individual believer had not witnessed to you.