Exploring the Gospel of Mark, Part 7

Mark 14-16

The Final Sacrifice:

God's plan down through the ages was that His Son, Jesus Christ, would give His life that men might live. The Passover feast, the sacrifices, the voices of the prophets-all these looked toward the moment in history when the Son of God would make the final sacrifice for man's sin.

Jerusalem was a city filled with excitement during the Passover week. Multitudes of people poured in from all over Judea to take part in this celebration. It was a time of thanksgiving to God for delivering His people from bondage. But the minds of the religious leaders were focused on Jesus and how to get rid of Him.

But man doesn't decide the timing for God's plans. And man didn't choose the time for the first event in His plan of redemption which took place during that Passover week. God did. Three times Jesus had told the disciples that He would suffer, be rejected, die and rise. The time had come.

Two events immediately foreshadowed the fulfillment of Jesus' words. First, Jesus was anointed at Bethany. Second, the Passover feast became the Lord's Supper.

I. The Plan Revealed. Mk. 14:1-26

II. The Messiah Rejected. Mk 14:27-15:15

III. The Sacrifice Made. Mk. 15:16-47


IV. The Hope Secured. Mark 16