Exploring the Gospel of Mark, Part 5

Mark 8:22-9:50

The Call to Commitment

A disciple is a follower. But a disciple of Jesus Christ must be committed to hearing the voice of the Master, asking questions which lead to learning, and obeying the Word. Jesus came with a plan for making disciples. He taught and nurtured His twelve disciples, and then He sent them out to teach and nurture other disciples, who in turn would teach and nurture others. He hasn't changed His plan. And the foundational issue is indeed specific commitment. Jesus knew that He had only a short time left before He must die. He had been rejected by many, and He would force Himself on no one. But choices must be made, and His disciples must be called to commitment.

I. The Second Touch. (Mark 8:22-9:1)

II. The Confirmation. (Mk. 9:2-13)

III. The Strong Teaching. 9:14-50