Exploring the Gospel of Mark, Part 1

Mark 1-3

Mark was about twenty years of age when Jesus was crucified, and was probably the young man wearing nothing but a loin cloth around his naked body who fled, leaving the cloth behind when Jesus was arrested in the garden. (See Mark 14:51-52.)

Mark was an associate of both Paul and Barnabus, and accompanied them on some of their missionary trips. It is believed that Mark's Gospel was the first of the four to be written. Because Mark explained Jewish customs and translated Aramaic words he must have been writing to Gentile readers.

Mark recorded only nine of the seventy parables of Jesus which the four Gospels relate, but he included eighteen of the thirty-five miracles. Mark was concerned with action-the things Jesus did. For this reason, his style is pointed and forceful with very little interpretation.

I. Preparations Are Made (Mk. 1:1-15)

II. Jesus Takes Authority. 1:16-2:5

III. Jesus Meets Conflict. 2:6-3:12

IV. Jesus Establishes Relationships.