What Kind of Church Will We Be in 1993? 

Mark 3:25

There is something very exciting about New Year's Eve. I believe that it is because of the 'unknown' factor that it holds for all of us. That can be a bit unsettling if we dwell on it too long, but I want to just share some thoughts with you this evening concerning what I would like to see in 1993 for Grace Baptist Temple. In the coming year it is my prayer that Grace Baptist Temple be a:

I. United Church.

II. Friendly Church.

III. Loving Church.

Conclusion: There really is no end to this message. I have many goals for the future ministry of Grace Baptist Temple. I pray that we will continue to be a Bible-reading, Bible-preaching, and Bible-practicing church. I pray that we will continue to be a church where the people pray for others. The coming year is like a blank page...God has privileged us with the opportunity to write upon it what we will. Should the Lord tarry in His coming...what will be written? The choice is up to us!