What a Rip-off !!

Malachi 3:8

This book takes place 100 years or more after the Jews had returned to Jerusalem from Babylon. Malachi is the last of the OT prophets. The enthusiasm that was started by Haggai and Zechariah was gone. The people were again cold and backslidden. Therefore, God raised up Malachi to be His messenger. Malachi's efforts were directed at the moral and religious decline of this period. He also foretold the coming of the Messiah in judgment and the dawning of the new age. At this time the priests did not value the privileges that God had given them. The priesthood was God's gracious gift through His covenant with Levi. Because of the ingratitude of the priests, God announced that they would be made contemptible in the eyes of the people (2:1-4,9). During Malachi's day the men were divorcing their Jewish wives and marrying idolatrous women. Also, the people were failing to do something that God had commanded them to do. They were not tithing. (3:8-10) Tithing is not making a bargain with God or paying Him off. It is an expression of love and good stewardship.

I. God's relationship with His people.

II. Consider How the Jews Despised God.

III. Getting right with God.