All-Encompassing Promises

Malachi 3:7-10

In our study we have looked some of the guiding principles for believing the promises of God, and we have discussed how to become a promises believer. That ought to be one of our goals in life...becoming a promises believer. It will make a difference in your Christian life!

This morning we want to look at the "All" encompassing promises of God. I want us to concentrate on these promises because they all use the word "all". Also, each of these promises have to do with being a giver.

Note: Mal. 3:7-10

I. The First Promise Concerns the "All" Encompassing Duty of the Giver.

II. The Second Promise Reminds Us of the "All" Encompassing Priority of the Giver. cf Mt. 6:33

III. The Third Promise Concerns the "All" Encompassing Supply of the Giver. cf. 2Co. 9:6-8