A Great Father

Luke 8:40-42; 49-56

Today is Father's Day. This is a day set aside to honor fathers. Since I am one, and I had one. It is a good day for me. There are many men that the world regards as great. Kings and political powers that have kept the peace or conquered territory are considered great. Generals who have been great leaders on the battlefields are considered to be great. Athletes who have thrilled the spectators with their abilities are called great.

But this morning I want us to think about the view from above. Let's think about men who are considered great by God. These are men that are most likely unheard of by most of the world. I am talking about men who have come to faith in Christ; men who have been faithful to their wives; men who have been examples to their children. These are great men!

In the text I have chosen for this morning's message we have just such a man. His name was Jairus.

Now what is it that would qualify Jairus to be regarded as a great man, and more than that…a great father?

I. Jairus Did the Greatest Thing a Father Can Do (v. 41)

II. Jairus Demonstrated the Greatest Example of a Father's Love (v. 42)

III. Jairus Faced the Greatest Test of a Father's Faith (vv. 49-56)

This morning, we have looked at a great father in Jairus. He was great because he did the greatest thing a father can do…he came to Jesus. He was great because he demonstrated a Father's love for his child. He was great because of his faith in Jesus Christ.

Although this world may never consider you to be great…from God's perspective we can be. Will you come to Jesus Christ today? Will you love your children enough to intercede on their behalf? Will your faith stand the test that a crisis will bring? Jesus said, "Fear not, only believe…"

Come today and place your faith in Jesus Christ. Come today and surrender to be what God would have you to be. Come today by faith in Jesus Christ, believing His Word.