The High Cost of Being Lost

Luke 12:16-21

The term 'lost' is something that all of us understand. Most of us have lost something at some time or another. We may have been sorry at the loss. It may have cost us to have to replace it. Ex. Chris and chorus transparencies.

But consider the usage of this word in reference to eternity. Now it takes on a much more somber and serious connotation. To be lost forever…for all eternity! It should bring us great concern for those who have rejected the truth of the Gospel.

Many times folks think that to make a commitment to Christ is too great. (And it is a great commitment). I have had people tell me that they would have to give up drinking… smoking… drugs… or other behavior. Certainly there are changes to a person's life. But this morning, for a moment I want us to consider the cost of not making that commitment. The cost of being lost for eternity is also great. No hope of ever getting out of hell and eternal torment.

Read: Luke 12:16-21

This is a sad parable of a lost man who lost everything. He was prosperous but pitiful. He was rich but he ends his life in regret. Consider with me today the high cost of being lost. Why di this man lose it all?

I. His Happiness Was Limited to the Happenings of Earth (v. 16)

II. His Holdings Were Limited to the Harvests of Earth (vv. 17-18)

III. His Hopes Were Limited to the Horizons of Earth (vv. 19-20)

IV. The Lord's Application. (v21)