Look To Calvary

Luke 23:33-43

I. Look to Calvary and We see three men dying:

II. Look To Calvary and See Two Men In The Same Condemnation (vv. 39-40)

III. Look To Calvary And See Two Men Who Both Ask Jesus For Salvation (vv. 39, 42)

IV. Look To Calvary And See Jesus, Whose Purpose Is Redemption

When we look to Calvary, we see the cross and we see the Savior. Jesus died for us, was buried, and is risen again for our redemption.

This morning would you think with me for just a moment? You know what your life is. You also know that death is inevitable for each of us. But what about eternity? Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are saved and will spend eternity in Heaven? If not, won't you take the opportunity this morning to come and receive Christ as your Savior, and gain that assurance of eternity with Him?