Good News

Luke 2:10-11

Everyone likes to receive good news, don't they? I enjoy getting Christmas cards and notes this time of year from friends and relatives. I especially like to hear about all of the things that have been happening in their lives in the past year.

The Bible is a like that. It is good news sent from God to you and I. We can read about God's plan and purpose for our lives. We can find out how much He loves us. That's always good to know isn't it? To know that we are loved!

Sometimes, I receive an announcement of the new birth of a baby. That is good news! The shepherds received a birth announcement on a starry night nearly 2000 years ago. It was sent to announce the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. The word 'gospel' means good tidings or good news. So today, I want us to look at the good news that Luke records for us in chapter 2. What would it mean to them, and what does it mean to us today?

I. It Meant the end of fear ( v. 10)

II. It meant the birth of joy (v. 10)