Why God Permits Accidents

Luke 13:1-9

· Can we blame God for the accidents that we or others experience?

· Is it our attitude that by virtue of having escaped accidents we are thereby more favored of God than others who have not escaped?

· What is God's purpose in accidents, anyway?

· Why should He permit them at all?

Jesus discussed this problem with His disciples. His discussion of the problem is found in Luke 13:1-9. The subject of suffering resulting from accidents and other causes has been one of the most perplexing for both the believer and the unbeliever. Little do we stop to realize that believers are not automatically exempt from suffering. Nor are unbelievers automatically sentenced to suffering, at least not in this world.

In this study we will see both God's general, common blessings to all, such as the air we breathe and the rain which sustains our life on earth, and also of His special blessings, such as salvation, which is individual in its nature and its appropriation.

As with blessings, so it is with sufferings, also. There are general, common sufferings including accidents, from which believers are not necessarily exempt, although they may sometimes be spared from them. There are also, however, special sufferings which God brings upon individuals in retribution for individual sins. But these sufferings are not necessarily experienced to their fullest extent in this world. However, they will be inescapable in the next world, even as the particular blessings of the believer will be fully experienced there.

I. How Is God Involved?