Unconditional Forgiveness

Luke 24:47

Forgiveness is the topic of our continuing study on Sunday evenings. It is such an important topic that I feel it is necessary to devote a fair amount of time to explore it. We have looked at the questions of how we should respond when someone mistreats us and how we should respond to a brother who sins against us. Tonight I want to answer the following question concerning forgiveness.

Do I forgive a person who hasn't asked my forgiveness? In other words, is forgiveness unconditional? Let me tell you that a number of folks would answer this question "yes". But as in every other area of the Christian life, we do not determine our behavior based on popular opinion, but on the teaching of the Word of God. Let's see what the Word of God says about this critical question.

I. Forgiveness is Conditional

II. What About Passages That Seem To Teach Differently?

III. How does this apply to us tonight?

Do you know the forgiveness of God in your life tonight? If not, come. Christians, are we growing in the area of forgiveness? God calls upon us to forgive others. Are we ready to forgive others? Do we have a forgiving spirit? Are we practicing forgiveness?