Three Things in Hell

Luke 16:19-31

If you were to ask the average person on the street to describe hell, the responses would be as varied as the people asked. Fortunately for us we do not have to rely on what people think that Hell may be like. (Or for that matter whether Hell even exists!) The Word of God makes it very clear to us that there is a Hell, and it goes on to describe it for us in a number of ways. In our text there are two characters. The one wakes to everlasting comfort and the other opens his eyes in eternal torment. From this passage we find a number of truths about the place called Hell. I want you to note that today's text is not just another story. It is not a parable either. This account is the real account of man going to hell. From this account I want us to consider three things found there that we ought to find here at Grace Baptist Temple.

I. Tears

II. Prayer.

III. Concern for the Lost.

When was the last time we wept? Do we make prayer a priority in our lives? What about our concern for the lost? All of these are questions which we must answer. Friend, if you are without Christ, please do not wait until you are in hell before you realize you needed to prepare for eternity!

Christian, people in Hell today are crying and praying for you to go to their lost loved ones and tell them. Where are our tears Where is our prayers? Where is our heart?

Today, you know the decision that God would have you to make today. Maybe you have never been baptized, obey God today and be baptized. Maybe you need a church home, a family of believer you can call your own, a pastor you trust, if you are not a member of a church you don't have any of those. You may need to rededicate your life to Christ, be involved, do something for God. Won't you come today and let us pray.