Marks of a Christian: Humility

Luke 14:7-11

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at some of the marks or identifying characteristics of a Christian. Paul carried the physical marks of Christ in his own body which identified him with the testimony of Christ. However, believers should bear some spiritual marks which identify them as well. Tonight we want to consider the mark of humility. Before Christ came into the world, the worst thing that could be said about a man was that he was humble. That was considered to be a quality of a slave, not a free man. Christ came teaching a new concept. The way up is down. To be exalted, men must humble themselves. He illustrated this principle throughout His life and ministry. One of the characteristics of this world today is selfishness and so few are truly humble. Today men can talk for hours about themselves and they are always the hero of their own stories. They never tell the tales about the times when they failed. A ball player talks about his home runs and tremendous catches that he made, but you don't hear about the strike-outs, errors, and fumbles. This attitude is also found within the local church and its members.

Much is said about what people do for the Lord, but little is spoken of what God has done for them! Humility is needed in our service to the Lord.

Read: Luke 14:7-11

I. The Meaning of Humility.

II. Examples of Humility.

III. What does it take to develop humility?

Do our lives reflect this characteristic of Christ? Are we truly humble? The opposite of the spirit of humility is the spirit of pride. That doesn't come from God! Oh, how we need to learn humility! Note: 1Peter 5:5-6. Do we need to come this evening confessing before God and submitting to Him tonight?

If you are not a Christian, you need to submit yourselves to Him and receive His grace tonight for salvation. If your life is filled with pride and selfishness, you need to come and surrender to Him this evening. Let's be honest before God tonight.