Graveyard Prayer Meeting

Luke 8:26-40

The Bible records some unusual prayer meetings. Jonah prayed to the Lord from the belly of the great fish. Daniel was thrown into the lion's den for praying to God, where he no doubt prayed during the long night. During a terrible storm at sea, Paul prayed while on board the ship and later while swimming to shore. Paul also often prayed when he was in prison. However, one of the strangest prayer meetings ever recorded in Scripture took place in a graveyard. Read: Luke 8:26-40

This morning I want us to notice three different prayers that were uttered. One by demons, another by the citizens of the region, and finally one by a new born Christian. Two were answered yes, and one was answered no. Let's examine the motives behind Christ's response to these prayers.

I. The Prayer of the Demons.

II. The Prayer of the Citizens.

III. The Prayer of the New Believer.

Conclusion: What about us today? Have you been saved? Do you know the transforming power of Jesus Christ in your life this morning? Or have you been like the citizens of Gadara, rejecting Christ and refusing to face up to your need for eternal life? Won't you allow Christ to come in today?

Perhaps you are here this morning and you have accepted Christ as Saviour, but you have not been obedient to His commands. You need to come today and yield your life to Christ. Have you been Scripturally baptized? Do you tithe on the income that God has blessed you with? Are you actively involved in supporting missions here and around the world? Are you the witness that you ought to be? Why not come now? Maybe your priorities are out of order. Why not come this morning and get things settled? Whatever the need, Christ will meet you here at this altar.