Meet Yourself in the Parables

Luke 11:13

The occasion of this parable is directly following Jesus' teaching on prayer. It is given to illustrate the character of God. We must be careful not to become confused with what is being said here.

Here God is not to be compared with the sleeping friend, but this parable is a contrast. If a sleeping neighbor will (on the basis of friendship and etiquette) meet the needs of a friend. Then how much more will your Heavenly Father meet the needs of His children.

This is illustrated by three principles in the remaining verses.

I. The Principle of Persistence.

II. The Principle of Confidence.

III. The Principle of Assistance.

We should pray boldly, and confidently with the realization that we need the strengthening ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives more than the material things. cf Mt. 6:8