Partners in Ministry

Luke 5:1-11

The word partners is found twice in this passage. The words speak of fellowship. They also speak of being fellow labours. They speak of being associated one with the other, being a partaker, and companion one with the other. These men were partners in fishing, and now God is going to cause them to be partners in ministry as well.

I. Partnership.

II. We Need to be Partners.

III. We Need to be Partners in Ministry.

We are partners together in ministry. In business there is such a thing as ‘silent partners’ and ‘ghost partnerships’. We don’t find that in the Word of God. We all need to work together to accomplish the goals that God has set down for us in His Word.

Will you commit yourself to being the partner that God would have you to be? In our text we find men who were partners in the fishing business. When they needed help, they called or beckoned to one another to get involved in accomplishing the task at hand.