Life of Samson: #4 - Choosing Right Friends

Judges 15:15-20

It has been several weeks since we have looked at the life of Samson, so we need to review just a bit. Samson illustrates for us the tragedy of a wasted life. In our first lesson we saw the beginning of his downward spiral.

Samson failed to…

Samson made bad decisions…

Samson missed the importance of God's blessings…

Tonight we will continue our look at Samson's life and seek to learn from his mistakes and failures. Someone said, "We don't have to make all the mistakes ourselves, we can learn from others!" That is our purpose for this study. God has placed within the pages of the Word of God many characters and events from which He desires that we learn.

This evening we want to learn the lesson of what to look for in our companions or friends. Peer pressure is certainly a very real issue for most of us. It isn't just our teens that must deal with this. Those we choose to surround ourselves with impact us either negatively or positively. So what makes for a good companion?

I. Good Companions Keep Their Word v15-17

II. Good Companions Draw You Closer to God. v18-20

What kind of friends have we chosen?

What kind of friend are we to others?

How do we find friends like that?

The greatest friend and companion we can make is Jesus!