Waiting in Vain

Judges 5:28-30

Read: v28-30

Here is a familiar picture; a mother waiting for her son to return home. Those of us who are parents know exactly how she feels. I certainly remember the times I waited as my sons were late coming home. One evening Brandon decided to go get pizza with some of his friends after work, but didn't let me know! I was just getting ready to get in the car and go looking for him when he pulled into our drive. At the same time I remembered a time when my dad had to come looking for me! That old saying came to mind. "Just wait until you have children of your own!"

But this story is tragic, you see, her son was never going to come home. He had gone to battle and when the battle went badly, he fled and sought shelter in Jael's tent…but she killed him! [Judges 4:17-21] Now let's shift our focus back to his mother as she looks out the window for her son who would never return. She is trying to convince herself that everything is fine…he is probably just celebrating a great victory. So she continues to wait, but she is waiting in vain!

This morning, what are you waiting for? Are you also waiting in vain? You are if you are waiting…

I. To find peace with God apart from the blood of Christ.

II. We are waiting in vain if we are waiting…For a better time to get saved!

III. We are waiting in vain if we are waiting…For God to bless unfaithfulness

Let's go back to that scene we saw earlier. Sisera's mother looking out her window and wondering why her son was taking so long to return from the battle. Sad, but…

What are you waiting for today? Are you waiting in vain? This morning, someone else is waiting…Jesus is waiting for you to come to Him and find peace with God…He is waiting for you to trust Him for salvation TODAY…He is waiting for believers to live faithfully for Him. Will you come? Do not wait one moment…come today!