Life of Samson: #2 - How to Make a Bad Decision

Judges 14:1

Last week we began to look at the life of Samson. He is one of those Bible characters that we think we know all about. But when we take a close look we can learn many things that will help us in our lives. Tonight we want to learn how to avoid making bad decisions.

One of the things that differentiates a person who is a good steward of their time from those who waste their time is the matter of making godly decisions. That starts with the regular decisions of everyday life. The more biblical we are in making daily decisions, the less time we're going to waste.

Building on those habits, the Lord occasionally puts us in a place where we're called upon to make a decision that could literally impact the course of our lives. One where the right choice could lead to unparalleled opportunity to please Christ, and the wrong one could lead to waste and destruction. Now, those kinds of decisions don't come along every day, but they do come along. And when we are in the habit of pleasing God in the daily regular decisions we make; we are in a much better position to make the right choice when the major ones come along.

If we want to avoid wasting our lives, as Samson did, we must be committed to making careful, wise decisions. We need to develop good habits when it comes to making choices in our lives, because every choice comes with a set of consequences.

When we read these verses, we are amazed. As we saw last week, Samson had godly parents, He was aware of the tragic history of his nation and it's endless cycle of sin, and he was certainly aware that the Spirit of God was working in and through his life.

I. Was His Sin Excused By God?

II. How To Make A Bad Decision. v1-3


We don't have to commit every mistake in order to learn, we can learn from others'. Let's learn from Samson's life tonight. Determine tonight that you will begin making wise choices in your life. The wisest of all is to come to Christ in faith. For the believer it is to walk with God daily in obedience to His Word. Will you come tonight as we prepare our hearts for the invitation?