Life of Samson: #1 - A Wasted Life

Judges 13:23

The nation of Israel is in a horrible cycle throughout the book of Judges. Israel would disobey God; God would send judgment upon them, they would cry out to God for help, and God would deliver them. That cycle is repeated time and again. Around 250 years has passed since Joshua's death. We come to a character, named Samson.

When you hear his name, what comes to mind? To me I think of a wasted life. I have met many folks who are 'modern day' Samsons. Folks with so much potential for being used of God, but for one reason or another they have wasted their lives.

Tonight, I want us to consider Samson, and look at what led up to his becoming a 'wash-out' for God. And I hope every one of us here tonight would say, "I don't want my life to turn out like Samson's." "I don't want words like "he wasted it" or "she wasted it" to be written over my life story!" Of course, that is why the Lord gave us the story of Samson; that we might learn and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

This is not just a Bible story to be read before bedtime or illustrated in a children's class. This is the powerful, life-changing, truth of the Word of God! In these chapters, the Lord has given us clear, specific principles to help us avoid ending up like Samson.

I. Samson Wasted His Life Because He Did Not Recognize The Seriousness of the Times.

II. Samson Wasted His Life Because He Failed To Benefit From the Spiritual Influence God Placed Around Him.

III. He Didn't Let The Holy Spirit Accomplish His Divine Work

Samson wasted his life because