Fleece or Faith: Discerning the Will of God

Judges 6:1-40

Most of us have heard someone use the term 'putting out a fleece' in reference to making a decision. That term comes from an event in the life of Gideon. The question I want us to consider this evening is whether this is the way we should discern God's will in decision making or not. As always, the Word of God should be the final authority in all that we do as believers. We often chide those who seek after signs and experiences. Remember Peter declaring to us that the Word of God was greater than all our personal experiences.

Note: 1 Peter 1:16-21

We are called upon to walk by faith not by sight. So why should we think that God would direct us through signs or fleeces? Some would claim that since it is in the Bible (ie. Gideon) then it is right or even expected that we do the same. Let's consider the Word of God this evening and look at the events that led up to Gideon placing the fleece before the Lord. The questions before us tonight: Was Gideon justified in doing this? Was this an indication of Gideon's faith or his doubt and fear? Is it ever God's will for a believer to throw out a fleece?

I. Biblical Examples of Fleece-throwing

II. Historical Background. Judges 6

III. Basic Conclusions On Fleece-Throwing: