The Cost of Choices

Judges 16:15-22

Last week we had Simon Jacob staying for a few days in our missions apartment. He asked about a place where he could get a haircut. I directed him down to Highland Village and Pete's Barber Shop. He was amazed at what it cost him. Tonight I want us to consider a man also received an expensive haircut. His name was Samson.

Samson was a mighty man. He was probably the strongest man who ever lived. He had great strength because the Lord had shown His blessings upon Samson. When we are blessed of God, He expects us to use that blessing for Him, and not for self gratification.

Samson, on one occasion took the doors of the gate to Gaza, and the two posts, and carried it to the top of a hill before Hebron. From Gaza to Hebron is about 40 miles. On another occasion he took the jawbone of an ass and slew a thousand Philistines. He also caught 3000 foxes, tied their tails together, set them on fire, and burned the Philistines fields down.

However later on in chapter 16 we see Samson in a totally different state of life. He is no longer that dominating strong man.

Read: Judges 16:15-21

What does this mean to you and me tonight? I want us to see that the decisions we make will affect us for the remaining days of our lives. Notice how this decision affected Samson:

I. It Cost Him His Name

II. It Cost Him His Freedom

III. It Cost Him His Eyes. "But the Philistines took him, and put out his eyes..."

IV. It Cost Him His Family

I. It cost him his name. II. It cost him his freedom. III. It Cost Him His Eyes. IV. It Cost Him His Family

Ultimately, it cost him his life. God did not plan for Samson's life to end in the temple of the Philistine's god. He did not glory in the death that Samson suffered. Samson's death was the result of the seed he had sown. The choices he made paid a dividend of death.

What about our choices tonight? Do we think that it couldn't happen to us? Samson was a mighty man of God. He did things that perhaps no other human could ever do. But he still fell victim to wrong choices.