The Names of God - Jehovah-Shalom

Judges 6:24

Over the past several weeks we have been looking at the various ways that God has revealed Himself to us in Scripture indicated by His names. Each name that God uses for Himself reveals to us an aspect of His character that helps us to know Him better.

Tonight we come to another significant name by which God reveals Himself to us. He is Jehovah-Shalom - The God of Peace.

The last verse of the book of judges tells us what kind of a time it was in Israel. It was a very difficult time in the history of God's people. As we read the book we find that due to a lack of unity and leadership, the nation fell into a cycle of apostasy - oppression - repentance - deliverance - then apostasy and the cycle repeated itself again and again.

Tonight we find Israel under oppression by the Midianites. They were forced to hide in caves. The Midianites took all their food, tools, and livestock. It was during this time of oppression that Israel cried out for deliverance. So God called Gideon to deliver them. By faith Gideon erected an altar to Jehovah-shalom in expectation of victory and peace.

I. The Meaning of Jehovah-Shalom

II. The Person Of Jehovah Is Our Peace

III. Jesus Is Our Jehovah-Shalom

There is no peace besides that which can come by way of Christ. There is no other way. Know Jesus - Know Peace -- No Jesus - No Peace. When we have a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus; He becomes our Jehovah-Shalom - the One who brings the peace that passeth all understanding.