What Is the Cost?

Judges 16:15-21

Most of us are conscious of the cost of items. At this time of year we strain our budgets to make sure that we have gifts for our children and grandchildren. We compare the prices when we but gasoline, groceries, and other items. So the concept of cost consideration is not something that is foreign to us, but it is something we do all of the time…perhaps without even thinking about it.

It isn't so bad now, but when we would go out to a restaurant for a meal, I could almost guarantee what item Ben would order…it would be whatever was the most expensive item on the menu. He did this because to him, if it cost the most…it must be the best item. We still joke about that when we go out for a meal. Usually, even if we are not paying for an item ourselves, we still consider the cost.

Of course, considering the cost doesn't just apply to building projects or menu items. We need to consider the cost of our actions. If I go a particular direction…if I make a certain decision…what will that cost? How will that impact my life? How will it impact the life of others around me? What will it cost? Will it cost my testimony? Will it cost my influence and effectiveness? Will it cost my life?

In our study of the life of Samson, we have discovered that he was more interested in the immediate fulfillment and less concerned about the ultimate cost of his actions. Our goal in this study has been to learn some important lessons. Tonight the lesson to learn is to simply consider the cost of our actions!

Read: Judges 16:15-21

I. The Real Tragedy

II. The High Cost of Sin: Blinds, Binds, and Grinds

III. The Lesson: