It's Not My Fault

Judges 11:29

Excuses, excuses, excuses! We live in an excuse-prone society. Criminals are excused from crimes because society supposedly did them an 'injustice'. High-ranking government officials are excused from their actions because of their positions. Crooks and thieves are excused from paying honest debts due to the lenient bankruptcy laws.

Unfortunately that attitude is not only used by the world, it is becoming more prevalent among Christians. Many will excuse their disobedience in the matter of tithing by saying they just can't afford it. Others excuse their failure to read their Bibles and pray by saying they just don't have time. It is sad to say, but Christians are just giving up and quitting too easily.

All of us have problems...but our problems do not excuse us from living godly lives and obeying God's Word. Overcoming problems is a daily task, and it is the responsibility of every believer to become a problem solver, not use our problems as excuses!

I. The Problem of a Bad Childhood.

II. The Problem of Past Failures.

III. What we need to do:

Let's quit making excuses for why we cannot serve God, and start serving Him with all of our might. Let's determine to become problem solvers...not excuse makers!