Joshua Intro

Joshua 1:11

Over the next few Sunday evenings I want to bring a series of lessons on the book of Joshua. It has been some time since we have looked at this book as a whole, and it is altogether appropriate for us to do so as we begin a new year of ministry here at GBT.

The book of Joshua is filled with wonderful examples and applications for our Christian life. There is much to be gained from the study of the Old Testament. In fact, God clearly tells us "that these things happened unto them (Israel) for examples" and "for our admonition," and for our "learning" (Cf I Cor. 10:11; Rom. 15:4).

As we study the book and consider the applications we find our lives for Christ will be strengthened greatly.

I. A Book of Conquest

II. A Book of Character

III. A Book of Continuation

God's desire for us is not so much a matter of victory, because the victory is already won. What God desires from us is the willingness to step up and claim our possession.

Are we ready to possess all that God has given us?