Stay The Course

Joshua 24:1-33

We are now at the end of our study in the book of Joshua. One thing that we learn when we study the Word of God is that God uses people who are not perfect. We have observed great victories and some great failures in the life of Joshua, but in spite of his failures, he was still a godly man. Unfortunately, many of the characters in the Scriptures begin well, but finish badly. That was not the case with Joshua, he is an example to all of us of how to stay the course and finish strong. Remember that was Paul's testimony.

In those latter days, Joshua assembled Israel together to share one last exhortation before passing on. Joshua's burden at that gathering was twofold. He had a burden for that present generation, and he also had a burden for future generations to come. He wanted to make sure that his generation lived in such a manner so as to pass their spiritual heritage on to generations to come.

Joshua gives to Israel God's formula for remaining in the land under God's blessing. God wanted to bless Israel. God wanted his people to succeed. God still wants all His people to succeed.

From a biblical perspective, success is doing God's will and staying with it. The only way for Israel to do that would be for them to stay the course. He taught them how to remain faithful for the long haul. These principles are certainly applicable to us today. Some thoughts tonight from our final look at the book of Joshua.

I. Remember That God Cares For You v1-13

II. Receive God's Commands

III. Application for Us