Caleb: Wholehearted

Joshua 14:6-15

The wars of Canaan were, for the most part, over. Israel had found temporary rest in the Promised Land even though there was much land that was yet to be possessed. The enemy had not totally been eradicated. Chapters 13 and 14 of Joshua deal with the distribution of the land to the various tribes. And as we read in the fourteenth chapter, we find a familiar name, Caleb. Caleb was a part of Israel when they left Egypt. He was there when God divided the waters of the Red Sea. As a matter of fact, he was one of the 12 spies who had gone in to survey the land. More than that, he and Joshua were the only two of them who believed God and recommended that they press forward. But, as a whole, Israel chose not to believe God and as a result wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Here's a great picture of the Christian life. God saves us, and promises us that we can have a life of victory and spiritual joy, but rather than claim what is rightfully ours - things like peace, joy, fellowship, power, and the glory of God, many choose to live in a spiritual wilderness, defeated and depressed. Now Caleb is 85-years old. But he hasn't forgotten the promises that God had made to him. Caleb pictures the Christian who is willing to pay the price, fight the battles and win the victory that God has waiting for him. One word describes Caleb…wholehearted! Read: v6-15

I. Wholehearted Commitment

II. Wholehearted Confidence

III. Wholehearted Courage

IV. Wholehearted Conquest cf. v14-15

Where are we in our personal walk with the Lord this evening? Have we entered into our victory, or are we still wandering around in the wilderness struggling day to day?

God has a place of peace and power for us, but we must be willing to claim our possession. It will take the spirit of Caleb…a wholehearted spirit!

There is a huge difference between a promise and a possession! God promised Israel the land, but they had to possess it before it became theirs. God has victory for His children; that is His promise! However, that promise must be actively pursued and possessed before it will ever become a reality in our lives.