Victory with God

Joshua 10:1-43

Read: v1-6

This chapter opens with 5 of the kings of Canaan joining forces to attack Gibeon because they had made a peace treaty with the people of Israel. These 5 kings didn't know it, but they were playing right into the hand of Joshua. Now, instead of having to pick them off one at a time, they came together and he was able to defeat them all together. If you remember our last study in this book, the Israelites had been tricked into making a peace treaty with the people of Gibeon. Now, it is time for Israel to make good on their promise to protect the Gibeonites. For Israel it is just another battle in the conquest of the Promised Land, but for us, it is a vivid picture of the Christian life. Battles are a reality in the life of the child of God, but we never have to face them alone!

In the day of battle, we have the promise of help from One Who is "our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble", Psa. 46:1. This evening I want to remind you that, as believers, our lives will be filled with battles. These battles are spiritual battles, but do not be deceived, they can have devastating consequences upon our lives. There are many casualties of this ongoing war…many spiritual losses!

The battles are unavoidable, but victory can be ours when we determine to rely upon God to bring us through. Let's learn how to have victory with God.

I. A Lesson About Our Almighty God v6-15

II. A Lesson About His People v16-27

III. A Lesson About Daily Battles. v28-43

We are only fooling ourselves if we think that we will never have to deal with the enemy. We must face the battles daily in the power of the Lord. Our God is great and mighty! He has enabled us to have victory if we will but yield to Him and His Word. Are we walking in His power tonight? I invite you to come this evening and find the victory that only comes from a daily walk of faith with the Lord.

Perhaps you do not have a personal relationship with Him tonight. Come now. Maybe you are bruised and battered by the enemy. Come now and let the Lord minister refreshment to you. Whatever the need, Come.